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    Thrift Store Find: Holga 120N (modified with rewind knob for 35mm film)

    I found this modified Holga 120N at a thrift store. I was suprised to see an extra knob on the bottom of the camera when I picked it up. It is a rewind knob from another Holga that has been mounted to the bottom of the camera to rewind the 35mm film without having to go into a darkroom, or put the camera in a film changing bag. The blue tape was on the camera when I found it. The counter window has been blocked out and  the winder knob has some markings to help the shooter figure out how far to wind. A bit of sponge in the film compartment keeps the 35mm cassette in position.

    I don't know who did the original mod, but it is cleanly and elegantly done. I may have to try doing this mod myself.


    Thrift Store find: Pokemon 35mm Film Camera

    This is a Pokemon 35mm film camera. It comes with a plastic mask that adds a border of Pokemon characters on the around the edge of the photo. 


    Thrift Store Find: Lomography Fisheye 2

    I had a good week finding cameras at my local thrift stores. This time, it's a Lomography Fisheye 2 camera. It sports a fisheye lens, with a built-in flash and multiple exposure capability.


    Thrift Store Find: Lomo Smena 35


    This is a Lomography version of a Smena 35mm film camera. I just picked it up at a local thrift store and haven't had a chance to run a roll of film through it yet.


    Videos Posted - Lomography Petzval Lens

    I've posted 2 new videos to my Youtube channel. The Petzval Lens - Out of the Box and a Petzval Lens tip.

    I went shooting with the Petzval lens last weekend and have 1 roll of film processed, but I feel I need a little more time to learn how to make best use of it's unique features. Using a lens of such an old design is a learning experience in of itself! I will post photos as soon as I can.

    Petzval Lens - Out of the Box Video:

    Lomography Petzval Lens - Out of the Box

    Tip for Organizing the Waterhouse stops for the Lomography Petzval Lens

    Lomography Petzval Lens Tip