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    Film and Print Processing

     PhotoMFA.com is directory of professional photo labs that develop film. You can search by process or location.

    Diana+ and DianaF+ Cameras
    If you are looking for a bricks and mortar Lomo Store anywhere in the world, check out the Lomography Store Guide:http://microsites.lomography.com/stores/gallery-stores

    Holgas, Diana+, DianaF+, film, film processing supplies, photography supplies.
    Freestyle now also has the Holga cameras in a variety of colors. They also carry the Holga 135 as well.

    Holgas, Diana+, DianaF+, film, film processing supplies, photography supplies
    B&H Photo Video

    Black Slim Devil or White Slim Angel (Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim clones)
    Freestyle Photo Supply carries them for $30. They also make an accessory fisheye lens (available separately) for it.
    White Slim Angel
    Black Slim Devil

    Four Corners Dark Store:
    A wide variety of different toy cameras, including the Black Slim Devil camera and others:

    Replacement Color Gel Filters:

    You can buy a little swatch sample book for gel filters to replace your Diana Flash filters. Buy the book, and then cut the filters down to size to fit. You get a whole variety of colors if you buy one.

    Color filter gels at Amazon.com

    Roscolux Swatch Book, Small Sampler of Almost Every Filter - Size: 1.75 x 2.75 (approximate)

    BH Photo Video- Rosco Cinegel Swatch Book $2 + Shipping/Handling.


    You can also buy the same Rosco Cinegel book from stagespot.com, as well as a few other sample books, if you want variety. About $4 apiece:



    Black Masking Tape:

    I prefer black masking tape to cover the film counter window. It protects the film without leaving a sticky residue like electrical tape does.

    Black Masking Tape at Amazon.com

    Bricks and Mortar Stores:
    Glazer’s Cameras

    Glazer's has a broad selection of plastic cameras. You can buy Holgas (some from the Holgawood collection), Holga TLR, Diana+, Diana Mini, Diana+ Instant Film back, Superheadz blackbird fly, Superheadz Golden Half, Superheadz Black Slim Devil, Fujifilm Instax 200 cameras, as well as 120 and 35mm film.