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    Shooting with Holga

    To take a photo, you must manually set all the camera settings, the following applies to ISO400 film.

    Think SAFE.

    S - Shutter. Set the camera to N for normal photos (B for long exposures, on the B setting, the shutter will stay open for as long as you hold the shutter down.)

    A - Aperture. The newest models of Holga, have 2 working apertures. This hasn't always been the case. In the older models, although the camera has 2 settings, they are the same. If you have one of these cameras, it doesn't matter which setting you use, but make sure the switch is all the way on one or the other. If it is loose and falls in between settings, the aperture arm can block light from exposing your film. Not sure which camera you have? See my aperture defect video: http://bit.ly/kHolgaAp2

    F - Focus. Decide how far you are from the subject ,and set the focus 
    ring accordingly.

    E - Expose your film. Trip the shutter, advance your film and repeat!


    On youtube, I have a how to video on Shooting with Holga: