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    Shooting with Diana

    To take a photo, you must manually set all the camera settings, the following applies to ISO400 film.

    Think SAFE.

    S - Shutter. Set the camera to N for normal photos (B for long exposures, on the B setting, the shutter will stay open for as long as you hold the shutter down.)

    A - Aperture. Evaluate the lighting conditions. 
    If it is bright, under sunny skies, use the Sunny setting. 
    For semi-cloudy skies, or bright overcast, use the sunny-cloud
    For overcast skies, use the Cloudy setting.

    For the Diana Mini, you only have the Cloudy and Sunny setting

    F - Focus. Decide how far you are from the subject ,and set the focus 
    ring accordingly.

    E - Expose your film. Trip the shutter, advance your film and repeat!

    I will often shoot 2 frames or more of the same subject. If I was using the Sunny setting, switch the aperture to Semi-cloudy or even Cloudy, to get a 2nd or 3 negative with slightly more exposure.

    On youtube, I have a how to video on Shooting with Diana: