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    This is a partial list of videos available. For a complete listing of videos, go to my youtube channel.



    Lomography Diana+ and F+ 

    • How to load a Lomography Diana+
    • How to make a better shutter release lock for vintage or Lomo Dianas
    • Lomography Diana shutter repair
    • Diana Velcro Mod
    • How to use a flash with your Diana+
    • Out of the Box: Diana+35mm Film back.

    Holga 120

    • The new and improved Holga 120
    • The Holga aperture defect
    • How to load a Holga 120
    • How to unload a Holga 120
    • Holga Velcro modification
    • Holga Filter Adapter modification

    Lomography Diana Mini

    • Out of the Box: Diana Mini
    • How to Load the Lomography Diana Mini
    • How to Unload the Lomography Diana Mini
    • How to take Multiple Exposures with the Diana Mini

     Lomography Belair X 6-12

    • Out of the Box - Lomography Belair X 6-12 Camera
    • How to load a Belair X 6-12
    • How to unload a Belair X 6-12
    • The Lomography Belair X 6-12 Camera: Basic Operations

    La Sardina 

    • Out of the Box - La Sardina
    • How to load a La Sardina
    • How to unload a La Sardina2

    Other Topics 

    • 35mm plastic camera rewind helper
    • Review: ebay 35mm film adapter from ebay (for Holga or Diana)
    • Out of the Box: 35mm Holga 135BC
    • How to Load a 35mm Camera
    • How to Load: 35mm Holga 135


    If the youtube viewer isn’t working, go to my youtube channel. All the videos are available there:

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