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    Lomography Belair Shutter Release Lock

    I was looking for something to use as a shutter release lock for my Lomography Belair, and I naturally turned to using 1/2 of a clothepin, since I use modified clothespins for my Holga and Diana shutter locks. The nice thing about the clothespin lock for the Belair, is that other than taking apart the clothespin, there are no further modifications needed.

    I've only shot a few photos that I've yet to process. But here is a quick procedure:


    1. Mount the camera on a tripod.
    2. Set the ISO wheel to B.
    3. Slide the clothespin wedge into the space between the camera and the shutter release.
    4. Gently pull down on the shutter release lever. The lock will slide downward and lock the shutter open.
    5. When the exposure is done, I hold my hand in front of the lens, and pull down on the shutter release to release the clothespin lock.
    6. Remove the clothespin lock and let the shutter lever up, closing the shutter.


    I hold my hand in front of the lens when closing the shutter, to minimize camera shake while I am operating the shutter release lever to remove the lock.

    The roll of film I shot the other night is waiting for me to process it, and when I do, I'll post a few sample photos.

    The image above is clickable, to show a full size image of the lock and camera.

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