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    Camera Mod - Ansco Pix Panorama Flipped Lens camera

    I first became aware of the practice of flipping lens on simple single lensed cameras when I saw samples of a flipped lens Brownie Hawkeye at Flickr.com. The images showed exaggerated blurring and vignetting on the edges. These looked similar to Holga and Diana camera images and I was intrigued.

    I recently saw samples of a flipped lens Ansco Pix Panorama and was inspired to give it a try. When I went looking for my Pix Panorama, I found I had 2. I knew that this was a perfect way of comparing a stock camera to one with a flipped lens.

    These images are clickable for higher res images.

    Would you like to try this yourself? I made a how-to video showing how to flip the lens on the Ansco Pix Panorama and posted it on my youtube channel.



    Thrift Store Find: Ansco 1045 35mm Camera

    I found this Ansco 1045 35mm camera at my local Goodwill store for $2.

    It is a simple 35mm camera with 1 shutter setting, 2 apertures, a fixed focus 38mm/f5.6 lens, built-in flash. I am loading an expired roll of Fujicolor SuperHQ to test it out.