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    Video: How to load film into the Diana+ camera.

    This is a short video tutorial on loading film in the Lomography Diana+ camera.This is best done in subdued light. If you must load your camera while out in the bright sun, use the shade of your body to protect the camera and film.

    Other videos on this website can be found here:

    Welcome to dianacamera.com

    New York City, 2006


    The purpose of the website is to share my images and techniques. I like to work with plastic or toy cameras, especially Holga, Diana camera, and Jamcam III. Fun with plastic!

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    Gateway to Kai's images.

    The plastic camera image galleries: Other portfolios:
    Toledo, Spain, 2004 Bellingham, 2006




    Holga photo with external flash


    One of the nice things about the Holga 120N camera, is that it comes with a hotshoe. That makes it easy to take flash photos. It isn't always easy to determine which power setting should be used with the flash, but as with all plastic cameras, there are no hard and fast rules.

    Diana+ Camera - Inside the Shutter Mechanism

    I received an email from someone who had a spring come loose from her new Diana+ and wanted to know if it was something she could fix herself. I took the opportunity to open up my Diana+ camera to see what it looked like. Photo 1 shows the location of 3 small phillips head screws that need to be removed.

    Shutter removal 1

    Shutter removal 2

    Photo 2 shows the location of the 2 springs. The small spring at position 1, is the shutter release return spring and it looks like it would be easy to reconnect if it were dislodged. The spring at position 2 is the shutter spring, which is a very fine wire spring connected at 2 points. This spring looks like it might be more difficult to reconnect. Point 2a connects to the shutter blade wheel. Point 2b is connected to the armature which is actuated by the shutter release.