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    Into the Night: Night Photography and the Diana Camera

    Triton Hotel, San Francisco, 2008

    Photography with a Diana+ is easy to do. Put your camera on a tripod. Set the aperture to Cloudy. Set the shutter to B. If you haven't made one, take a look at my video on how to make a better shutter release lock. Bracket your exposures. I like to do a bracket of 3 exposures. For instance, if you start with 2 minutes (The exposure I used in the above photo), I would also shoot 2 more exposures, one at 1/2 (1 minute) and one at 2x (4 minutes) This is called bracketing your exposure.

    Camera: Diana+   Film: Tri-X, Exposure: Cloudy aperture, 2 min. exposure


    Video: Shutter Repair on a Lomography Diana+ Camera

    This is a video on repairing the shutter on a Lomography Diana+ camera. It does not apply to vintage Diana cameras. When working this repair, take a deep breath and be patient. What you don't see on this video, are the several out-takes when I fumble trying to get the shutter spring reattached.

    Other videos on this website can be found here:

    Welcome to dianacamera.com

    New York City, 2006


    The purpose of the website is to share my images and techniques. I like to work with plastic or toy cameras, especially Holga, Diana camera, and Jamcam III. Fun with plastic!

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    Diana in Spain

    Plaza del Sol, Madrid, 2004

    When I was in Spain in 2004, I shot a few photos with a Diana camera. This is one of my favorites from the portfolio. The rest can be seen by going to the Diana Portfolios link. Other photographs I took in Spain are in my Night photography portfolio, and can be seen at www.kaiphoto.com. Those were not taken with a Diana, but with a Zeiss Ikon folder.