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    New Video: The Lomography Smartphone 35mm Film Scanner

    I have posted a new video: "Out of the Box - Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner" on my YouTube channel.

    This is the new film scanner from Lomography that uses a smartphone to digitize 35mm film negatives. Lomography hasn't yet released their software app that goes with the scanner, but they promise it will be soon.

    In the meantime, Adobe's Photoshop Express on the iPhone works fine to invert the negative images. I know there is Photoshop Express on Android, but I don't know if it has the same feature set including Invert. 




    Video: How to Load the Black Slim Devil, White Slim Angelor Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim

    Here's the How to Load video.

    Sample photos from this camera may be found here:

    Other How-to videos may be found on my youtube channel:

    Video: Shooting with Diana

    Taking photos with your Diana+ is easy.

    Your camera prefers a fast film, so be sure to get film with a rating of ISO 400. ISO is the measure of how sensitive your film is to light. The higher the number, the more sensitive the film is to light.

    Slower films can be used, but you will have to adjust the aperture (Sunny,Semi-cloudy, Cloudy, P) accordingly. This just means, that if you are using a slower film, like ISO 200 or 160, that you use the Semi-cloudy or cloudy aperture when it is sunny out. These apertures have larger openings and will allow more light to hit the film, compensating for the slower film.

    Think SAFE!

    S - Shutter setting. For normal outdoor photos, set the shutter to N.

    A - Aperture setting. Set the aperture to the appropriate symbol, depending out the lighting conditions.
    P (Pinhole) If you accidently have your camera on pinhole, your negatives will be very underexposed using the N shutter setting, so nothing will come out.

    If you are shooting with a slower speed film (ISO 200 or 160), you will need to adjust the aperture accordingly.
    If it is Sunny outside, choose the Semi-Cloudy aperture.
    If it is overcast, choose the Cloudy aperture.

    F - Focus setting. Determine how far you are from your subject and set the lens to the appropriate distance.

    E - Expose your film by tripping the shutter lever.

    Wind the film to the next frame # in the counter window, and repeat.

    Video: Holga Modification - Velcro

    Have you ever had the back of your Holga unexpectedly pop open? This is the Holga mod for you! In this video, I show you how to apply velcro to keep the back from falling off, and to protect the counter window.

    All my how-to videos can be viewed here: